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Simple House Painting Tips For You

Interior PaintingIf you plan on doing the painting yourself, here are a few ideas to make it easier.


Cheap Bid Nightmares

In this day and age, when people are trying to save money, a cheap painting bid can be extremely inviting. The fact is, cheap painting proposals will more than likely cost you double or triple the money and you’ll even get the bonus of frustrating headaches for long periods of time. If you hire one of those fly-by-night painters who offer cheap prices, you are sure to pay for the headaches.

While bidding on painting projects, I constantly see homeowners going through pain and frustration as a result of a con artist they hired two or three years ago who claimed to have experience painting houses, when in fact they probably only painted grandmas kitchen.


How To Avoid Hiring Joe Blow-N-Go

Take on the employer roll and check on the Virginia painting contractor you plan on hiring. Get references if your painting contractor was not referred. Talk to people they’ve done work for. Do your homework. Contractors are basically employees that you hire and good employers do background checks.